Commission OPEN

2015-05-15 17:37:25 by ttrop



You can email me at for additional info


I do not do gore/guro, yaoi, scat or vore.

I do SFW and NSFW.

For OC you must have a ref pic, I will not read Wall of text describing your OC.

I don’t mind if the ref pic is “bad” as I can work with most.


Just email me at with what you want done and pose ref pics will help a great deal.

If you are a Patreon supporter let me know and what discount you fall under.


also let me know if you want cell shading or not



2015-05-10 12:50:24 by ttrop

I joined Sinnergate alot of my stuff will be posted there now with other great artists


check it out


2015-02-03 12:47:07 by ttrop

As many of you have already seen I made a patreon. I really want to keep on drawing and to do so I do need help.

Even if you give me a dollar it will help me out alot in my future works and i hope to drawfor all of you much longer.


check my patreon out at


thanks again for always viewing my work and i hope to draw for all of you much longer



Made Twitter like a bitch

2015-01-05 03:27:41 by ttrop

I decided to make twitter so i can use this to upload my somewhat progress? just ganna use it to upload shit i won't upload on other sites

who should i draw

2014-12-13 16:03:12 by ttrop

i wondering what anime girl i should draw next if you don't mind just throw me a name cartoon or anime i dun care


2014-04-18 12:39:09 by ttrop

not alot of ppl comment do they can't really tell if you like my drawings or hate them